about Sonemone

Back in 2020, we, Howard and Heidi, thought, "Why not make stuff for homes that people really love?" Heidi's got an eye for design, and together we decided to start with home decor. Our goal? To make every home feel a bit more like a warm hug.
We spent ages figuring out a name. We wanted something that told a story, something that felt like us. That's how we came up with Sonemone – it's a mix of 'Sonnet' and 'Anemone', kind of like poetry and strength all rolled into one. It's our way of saying, "Hey, let's make homes feel loved."
Starting out, we tried selling on Amazon. Had some wins, had some oops moments. We kicked off with blankets and ceramic plates. But as time went on, we realized kitchenware was our jam. It's where we really shine.
It wasn't always easy, but we stuck with it. We listened to what folks wanted, tweaked our stuff, and kept making it better. Finding the right factories took a lot of coffee and late nights, but we did it. We chose materials that last and designs that make people smile. And guess what? It worked. Our little business started to grow.
Now it's 2023, and we're ready for the next big step – our own website. We want to meet more people who love living life to the fullest. We're here to add a bit of warmth and a dash of romance to your everyday. So come on over, join the Sonemone family, and let's make homes everywhere a little cozier and a lot more loved.